Fern and mimosa
Fern and mimosa

Fern and mimosa

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A soothing visual symphony where ferns dance to the rhythm of mimosa. Each leaf seems to fly away and land, each flower exhales a delicate perfume that awakens the senses by the softness of natural shades, by the finesse of the details that capture the very essence of nature. The harmony between the freshness of the ferns and the delicacy of the mimosa creates a cocoon of tranquility and wonder.
Design Thomas Dariel X Quinsaï

Laize - Width 75cm - In a 9 -meter roll.

Premium 150g/m² intricated wallpaper/m² resistant to light, gluing on the wall, washable, without VOCs, without PVC, no fire. 

Ref Color: QS-039BAAA