General terms and conditions of sale

Ludlow Street, 753 466 325 r.c.s. Paris - adress : 54 rue René Boulanger – 75010 PARIS FRANCE

Prior to this, we hereby declare that these terms and conditions only apply to the products sold on site by Ludlow Street company. and Please note that products sold on these websites are limited to individuals and professionals registered on the following websites: and
Verify the order of the proposed product on site and This means that the customer explicitly accepts these terms and conditions without the need for a handwritten signature. Failure of customer to perform its obligations under these general terms and conditions of sale may result in suspension or termination of customer's account without prejudice to any damages Ludlow street may claim. Ludlow street is the publisher and owner of the quinsai brand ® Located at 54 rue Ren é Boulanger 75010 Paris. Ludlow street, quinsai ® Have a shopping website that provides a set of decorative products, panoramic wall decorations and wallpaper, so that individual and professional customers can choose their products before buying online and provide as much information as possible
Ludlow Street provides a range of services to Internet customers, which are subject to these general terms and conditions, referred to as "customers". Ludlow street may modify the general terms and conditions of sale as necessary. All orders under the old general terms will be subject to its jurisdiction.

1. Product

Products displayed on site, such as wall decorations and wallpaper. Each product has its own unique technical characteristics and reference. The product is made in Ludlow street and
The products provided by Ludlow Street comply with the current French laws and standards. The photo can be modified by Ludlow Street company. The color of the photo is not stipulated in the contract under any circumstances and may not be consistent with the sample that may be sent. Ludlow Street company shall not be responsible for any difference due to the screen quality.

2. Command
Every order must accept the general terms of sale. The order will only take effect after payment is made by the appropriate payment method and confirmed by the settlement bank. The order confirmation should be sent by email to the address specified by the customer in the order and an online space should be provided on our website. Only by verifying the payment method can the sales be perfect and trigger verification. The order date is the effective date of payment. All orders between 12 noon on Friday and 10 am on Monday will be processed on Tuesday after confirmation of order and payment. Any order received and verified in the morning will be processed within 72 hours to minimize delivery time. Holiday: the order will be processed on the rework day. If the order is cancelled due to the customer's reason, 50% or more of the compensation will be retained, up to 100% of the price when the product is specially manufactured for the customer. In any case, if a partial refund is cancelled, the refund period shall not exceed one month, that is, the date on which Ludlow Street accepts the cancellation.

3. Price
The price is expressed in Euro (Euro). The price in the product manual does not include freight. The price in the order confirmation shall be the final price, including all taxes in France. Including product price, handling fee, product packaging fee and transportation fee. The applicable VAT is the VAT in effect on the date of placing the order in France, and any change in the tax rate may be reflected in the product price. Ludlow Street reserves the right to change the price at any time. In case of change, the price charged by Ludlow Street shall be the price recorded in the purchase order and accepted by the customer at the time of verification.

4. Payment method
Payment can only be made by bank card or PayPal online. The accepted cards are visa / CB / MasterCard and American Express. The customer's account will be debited within a maximum of 4 days after the date of the order and will be considered valid after the agreement is confirmed by the payment center. PayPal is a payment service provider specializing in the issue of electronic money between buyers and third-party entities. PayPal ensures the confidentiality of buyer's bank information. The agency executes any payment order generated by the customer and credits Ludlow Street within 3 working days. After confirming the payment order, the customer authorizes PayPal to obtain funds from the applicable source in order to transfer the balance to the payee. Under special circumstances, Ludlow Street reserves the right to accept other payment methods upon request

5. Payment
Payment shall be made at the time of order. If the buyer wishes to retain the details of the bank transaction related to the transaction, the payment order shall be recorded and printed by the buyer. At buyer's request, a paper invoice showing VAT will be provided to buyer. All purchase transactions are conducted within a strict confidentiality and encryption framework, using SSL protocol. Under no circumstances can Ludlow street access these contact information, nor can it save it on its server. To do this, you will receive the request again in the new transaction on the website. When you press the verify button when you verify the order. As part of the fight against fraud, Ludlow Street reserves the requirement for customers to email A double-sided copy of ID card and family certificate for less than three months. The order can only be sent after the parts sent have been received and verified. The requested document must be sent within three working days of receiving the request. These files are not passed on to third parties. According to the computer and Freedom Act of January 6, 1978, you have the right to access, modify and delete your data. Ludlow Street reserves the right to cancel the above order in case of no documents or unqualified documents. Customers will be notified by email within one month.

6. Special case dom-tom
Products shipped to DOM / Tom: VAT will be deducted from the invoice. Duty or local tax, import tax or local tax shall be paid. In any case, the payment of such taxes shall be borne by the buyer

7. Retention of title and risk transfer
Ludlow Street owns the products and models delivered until the customer pays in full.

8. Delivery cost
The company reserves the right to provide freight to customers, which will be added to the total invoice amount once confirmed.

9. Delivery
For goods to the EU: the order amount includes all taxes. The tax levied corresponds to the VAT in the place of delivery of the order.
For goods shipped to dom-tom or outside the EU: the order amount is calculated tax free on the invoice and order. In this case, the order may be subject to duties and any taxes that are levied on the arrival of the package. These costs associated with the delivery of the goods are borne by and for the account of the customer. Ludlow street has no obligation to verify and inform the customer of the applicable duties and taxes. For more information, please contact the authorities of the country of delivery.
Ludlow street is not obliged to retain products for customers that have been paid for but have not provided or have false delivery addresses. Ludlow street is not responsible for the wrong shipping address. In this case, three months later, the product will be delivered for sale and kept by Ludlow street for settlement. Ludlow Street shall not be liable for failure to deliver the product due to accessibility or non acceptance. Products returned to Ludlow Street due to wrong delivery or absence of the consignee will be sent again after payment at the customer's own expense. On the effective date of the order, the delivery date is 21 working days, unless there is an abnormal inventory shortage (indicative delivery date). If the company is closed due to annual leave, the order will be processed within one week of reopening.

10. Claim demage
All products provided by the seller enjoy the legal guarantee stipulated in article 1641 and the following articles of the civil code. For the reference materials received but not ordered, if the error is not caused by the customer, the customer will return the products at Ludlow Street's expense. If the quantity of products delivered does not match the order, the remaining order will be sent to the customer at Ludlow Street's expense. If the references delivered are different from those ordered, the product will be returned to Ludlow street, which will order the required references. Basic conditions for refund or replacement of goods: at the time of delivery, the customer or his representative must inspect the goods in the presence of a properly authorized carrier. In case of damage caused by transportation, the customer, as the consignee, must inform the carrier of his reservation within the specified time and send a copy to Ludlow street. Ludlow Street reserves the right to refuse to return, refund or replace the product. If the products sold are unqualified, they can be returned to the seller, who will take over, replace or refund them. All non-compliance claims, exchange or refund requests must be sent by email to:

11. Cancellation right
For non professional individual customers, the buyer has a legal return period of 7 days after receiving the order and hopes to return the products to the seller for exchange or refund without paying any penalty, except for the return fee. Returned products must be delivered in their original condition and packaging. It should not have been used, has not been slightly damaged, and is in a completely clean condition. The right of withdrawal does not apply to custom-made items, such as wall decorations or wallpaper, in which the customer chooses the color or pattern, or custom-made. The cost of return is borne by the customer.

12. Force majeure and natural disasters
Ludlow Street shall not be responsible for any delay or failure in delivery in the event of force majeure, traffic strike, road jam, natural disaster or impassability.

13. Limitation - Disclaimer
Ludlow Street shall not be liable for misuse or misuse of products ordered by customers. Ludlow street is not responsible for any consequences caused by the storage, processing, non-compliance with installation instructions, improper maintenance of the product under abnormal or non-conforming conditions, Choose glue that is not suitable for laying, or not completely laid, do not follow the laying instructions of title paper, and the product will deteriorate due to water seepage, impact or improper use, temperature or humidity. Even if we show the color of our products as accurately as possible, we can't guarantee that your computer screen will accurately reflect the color of the product received.

14. Personal data protection and legal protection.
Personal information relating to the purchaser can be processed automatically in accordance with the computer, documents and Freedom Act of 6 January 1978. Ludlow Street will be able to collect buyer information using tools available on the Internet, such as cookies, and forward it to its business partners when needed. However, the buyer may request that his personal information not be disclosed and shall be entitled to consult and correct the information in accordance with the law of 6 January 1978. Ludlow street has the legal compliance guarantees set forth in article l to its customers. 211-4 to L. According to articles 1641 to 1648 and 2332 of the civil code. As part of a legal compliance guarantee, we undertake to repair or replace the product on the basis of available inventory, or return the product price (return) or part of the product price (if you retain the product). As part of the hidden defect warranty, you can retain the product and ask us to lower the price, or you can return the product to us and ask for a return of the product price.
Article 1. Consumption code 211-4:
The seller is obliged to deliver the goods in accordance with the contract and be responsible for the non-compliance at the time of issuance.
It shall also be responsible for any non-conforming defects arising from packaging, installation instructions or installation, which are specified in the contract or are responsible for the completion of the defects.
Article 1. Consumption code 211-5:
In order to comply with the contract, the goods must be suitable for the use of similar goods which are usually expected, and, where appropriate, in accordance with the seller's description, and have the quality submitted by the seller to the buyer in the form of samples or models; Provide the quality reasonably expected by the buyer, especially in advertising or labels, taking into account the public statements of the seller, manufacturer or its representative; Or have the characteristics agreed by both parties, or apply to any special purpose required by the buyer and known and accepted by the seller.
Article 1641 of the Civil Code:
The seller is obliged to provide security for hidden defects in the goods sold which make it unsuitable for its intended use or reduce its use so that the buyer will not obtain them or only give a lower price if he knows them.
Article 1648 (1) of the Civil Code:
The buyer must bring a lawsuit for the defect within two years after the defect is found.
Article 1. Consumption code 211-12:
Actions taken as a result of non-compliance should be specified within two years of the issue of the property.
Commercial guarantee:
Commercial guarantee refers to any contractual commitment made by professionals to consumers to repay the purchase price, replace or repair the goods, and their legal obligations to ensure that the goods comply with the provisions.
Some products are guaranteed commercially by the supplier. In this case, it should be clearly specified in the product manual of the relevant product.
If there is no warranty specified in the product specification, the product does not need a commercial warranty. For more information about the commercial warranty for your product, please contact Ludlow street.

15. Personal data protection
According to the information technology and Freedom Act of January 6, 1978, you have the right to access, correct and object to your data from Ludlow street. You can exercise this right by sending us an email: You can also view or change your personal information in my account. Automatic processing of name information and It has applied to the state information technology and Freedom Commission.
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16. intellectual property right
All site elements and It is and will remain the intellectual property and exclusive property of Ludlow street. No one is allowed to copy, operate, replay or use any software, video or audio elements of this website in any way, even partial contents. Simple links or hyperlinks are strictly prohibited without the express consent of Ludlow street.

17. litigation
The terms and conditions of online sales are governed by French law and the courts of Paris have exclusive jurisdiction over any dispute. We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions of sale at any time and please refer to them when placing your order.