Who is it?

Pacôme Vexlard grew up in the Vosges, which remains the number one paper-making department in France, even if the crisis continues to shake up the centuries-old industry in this land of water and forests. In this territory where many companies struggle and resist, Pacôme understood very early on that he would have to innovate, be curious, question himself, take up daily challenges, if he wanted to make his dreams come true. And, if he would not miss a Saint Nicolas family feast, or a festive weekend with his childhood friends, it is that he also learned the price of solidarity, fidelity and loyalty. This discreet did not forget that his parents traveled the roads to lead him to training and handball matches, so that he could live his passion which he practiced at a high level since his adolescence. Sport has channelled his energy and forged its determination.

In 1998, Pacôme was 22 years old. He joined a Parisian handball club and enrolled in higher education in communication, on a work-study basis. He joined the Le Studio V agency, a young company that designs websites for CAC 40 companies, media groups, institutions, government and the Prime Minister departments. His time being taken up by the discovery of new technologies and professional meetings, Pacôme stopped handball definitively a few months after his arrival in Paris. Very quickly, he participates in the nascent adventure of broadcasting video on the Internet, develops content, advises the ever-increasing number of companies, which demand a site in their image but fear this new medium. He also works in the fields of marketing and publishing. Pacôme thus trains his eye to graphic codes, forges his sense of aesthetics, sharpens his creativity and his artistic sensitivity.

So much so that in 2006, when he was given the opportunity to collaborate with CharlElie Couture, whose music filled his childhood, Pacôme seized the opportunity with his generosity and his usual curiosity. He becomes agent developer and producer of this polymorphic and demanding artist. Once again, he immerses himself, observes, and assimilates the artist's work as a plastic artist. He participates in musical artistic orientations: choice of titles and musicians, production of albums, production of concerts, and also manages the image of the artist and his public relations. Pacôme sets up a collaboration with Benjamin Biolay, in 2014, who will produce a major CharlElie Couture album supported by the Universal Music major and noticed by the press. Pacôme also fights to have the works of the plastic artist he represents recognized, and it is in 2015 that he will successfully produce the retrospective exhibition devoted to CharlElie Couture at Espace Poirel in Nancy, a major event hailed by Harry Bellet, the art historian and journalist of the daily newspaper Le Monde.

The same year, Pacôme Vexlard was offered a new challenge: to take over the Imagerie d’Epinal, to rediscover the world of paper, to safeguard the heritage of a region which is close to his heart, his own. He tackles it with courage, revives the activity of the historic workshop, brings to life the lithographic stones and the printing presses, souls of the house, imagines a new scenography to make the business alive, creates a range of stationery distributed in France, Japan and the United States. He develops a series of works including an illustrated encyclopaedia published by Le Chêne, creates collaborations with the weekly Le 1, and develops a new pool with the greatest illustrators seduced by the new artistic direction that he infuses into the Imagerie. Thanks to him Tomi Ungerer, Serge Bloch, Jochen Gerner or Jacques de Loustal, take the road for the Imagerie. He enters into a partnership with the Lorraine Graduate School of Art and enables young creators, like Simon Bailly, to get started and be detected by Les Echos, Liberation and the New York Times. Then, after letting the artists enter the Imagerie, he has the Images released with more than 200 new creations until 2018.

From 2015, he imagines dusting the iconographic fund in the universe dedicated to decoration and contacts manufacturers of wallpapers and fabrics. He launches prototypes and then develops his collection, raising deep forests or colourful birds on our interior walls. He will also know how to make the prestigious Hermès brand aware of the formidable iconographic collection of the Imagerie d'Epinal to give birth to a collection of silk scarves and accessories.

These decorations these drean decorations, Pacôme gives them life, from now on, within Quinsaï. Following Marco Polo, the child of paper, takes us to Wonderland, exploring new funds, revisiting the others to decorate the walls of prestigious places like the palace hotel La Mamounia in Marrakech, private residences and restaurants.