L’éveil de la forêt
L’éveil de la forêt

L’éveil de la forêt

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This tree is the source of life, and here it occupies a place called L’éveil de la forêt. This nebulous building pays homage to the natural monument of trees, which occupy a prominent position in the natural area that people humbly walk through. Gaze between various interwoven elements, between overprint and transparency, never lose direction. L’éveil de la forêt It comes in two versions, cool and hot, revealing different levels of reading, making this model an unlimited source of meditation.

Standard format - Original dimension L 360 x H 280 cm - available bespoke.
Premium non woven wallpaper 150g/m², no VOC, PVC free, non-fire.

Reference color: qs-029aaa