Fleurs des quatre saisons
Fleurs des quatre saisons

Fleurs des quatre saisons

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Fleurs des quatre saisons is an ode to the incredible variety of floral species that coexist and relayed, one season after the other, to offer us a natural array in perpetual metamorphosis. This panoramic model brings together species that, because of their belonging to distinct temporal universes, usually never intertwise. Fleurs des quatre saisons Offer them an array in which they can for the first time marry in harmony. They then make up an ideal garden, a natural array consisting of a multitude of more graceful flowers than the others.

Standard format - Original dimension L 360 x H 280 cm - available bespoke.
Premium non woven wallpaper 150g/m², no VOC, PVC free, non-fire.

Color Ref: QS-026BAA